One of the things that has frustrated me in churches over the last few years is the minimization of God’s plan for the Christian family. It has been said that Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the whole week. I have noticed that other times of the week are falling victim as well. Churches in America have perfected the practice of the guilt trip. Families are made to feel guilty because they don’t participate in all of the activities throughout the week and the church because they want to spend time with their families. Recently I heard people in a church discussing how they would love to see activities at the church building every night! God does want His people to gather for worship (Heb. 10:24-25). However, he equally wants families to be together for growth, discipleship and ministry.

Throughout the Bible, it’s not churches or programs that are commanded to train children, but parents (Eph. 6:1-4 is a prime example). God does not want families to be separated by the church, He wants them to be brought together. He wants children worshipping with their parents, he wants youth worshipping with their parents. I realize that this is difficult for children of unchurched parents, but there are better options than we typically find in church. Instead of whisking teens away to be only with other teens, what an opportunity for a family (godly father, mother, children) to “adopt” unchurched teens. They can let the youth sit with them during worship, open up their homes, and model for that youth what is God’s intent for the family. They may not get it in their own homes, but they will get a taste of God’s plan for the family in His church. Maybe then we won’t lose so many in the college years.

At Enjoying God Fellowship, we want to come along side of you and encourage discipleship in your home. Yes, this means you will have to spend a lot of time with your family!  This is God’s plan. Why are churches trying to come up with the latest “outreach programs” when the program that God established is still the best, the family. What a witness to your kids. Instead of mommy or daddy leaving the kids at home to “go do outreach”, the family itself becomes a center of ministry. The church is like a vitamin. Vitamins work well as supplements, but if that’s all you eat you will die. We gather together to supplement the nurturing in God’s Word that is primarily, what goes on in the home. If you desire this for your family, we want to help. We want your families to glorify God and to be strong and when families glorify God, they will be strong!