We are very excited about the way the Lord has been bringing everything together the last couple of weeks. I am through the application process with Acts 29 and am set to be assessed as a church planter in their network in September at the Boot Camp in Raleigh. We should be well off the ground by that point. It looks like we already have 12 or so in our core group and this number may be growing more each passing week. There are people in other parts of the country praying about being a part of this as well. Lord willing, we will begin our worship time in homes by late April (at this point early May seems to be the latest we will start). If you know anybody that would you think should be approached about praying about joining this ministry; talk to them or let me know. My vision became more clear over the weekend and I am more convinced than ever that God is behind Enjoying God. We officially have our Employer ID number (so the government knows who we are). We will have a bank account in the church’s name, Lord willing, by the day we begin meeting in homes for worship. Continue to pray for our young community of believers. Soli Deo Gloria!