This month I have been spending lots of time in Luke’s Book of Acts. I am taking two months to read to letter written to Theophilus. I am reading chapters 1-7; 8-14; 15-21; 22-28 each day in two week sections.  So, this morning I read chapters 8-14 in their entirety. One of the things that stands out to me in the Acts is the fact that for the most part, the American Church looks nothing like the early church. I’m not merely talking methods, but theology, philosophy, and attitudes as well. When we begin meeting together Acts will be our first study as a community. I invite all of you to begin working your way through this wonderful gift from God. Try to spend a month on the book. Work out any plan you wish (one chapter a day, one section a week). I want you all to KNOW this book. I look forward to sharing with you all that God has shown me in Acts and how those truths will shape who we are at Enjoying God Fellowship.

Soli Deo Gloria