My fellow Our Sovereign Joy blogger (and father-in-law), J. Theodore Helms, offers some sobering words for the American church on the absence of Jesus Christ as its head. He says:

“Is it any wonder that we see so much conflict in the church when we know that we have severed the head from the body? And it being true that God’s love flows down to us through His Son, why should we expect other than what we have?

Where is Jesus when we make our least decisions as the body of Christ? Where is Jesus when we choose the color of our next carpet? Or when we finalize our budget for next year? Or when we have to hire a new secretary? Where is the head in all of this?

Where is the Head of the Church when we conduct our business meetings? Do we truly consult with Him first? Or do we merely say a prayer adding His name to the end? Where is the Head of the Church when we need godly counsel and God’s wisdom in handling trouble-makers and dissent and divisive people? Or when a brother or sister has been caught up in some sin and we want to condemn them to hell? Where is the Head of the Church when we need to trim the budget? Do we take some money out of missions or the benevolence fund? Where is the Head of the church when we are looking at Sunday School material or VBS material? The 21st century church had better declare itself on these issues, especially as we see the Day approaching.

Whatever happened to Jesus anyway? Didn’t we use to have Him here with us at one time?”

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