It’s truly amazing when you read the Reformer’s from the 16th Century and realize that much of what they wrote could have been written last week. At Enjoying God Fellowship we are a fellowship of believers committed to enjoying God together. I wanted to share some words from the great Reformer, John Calvin, and his thoughts on fellowship among followers of Jesus Christ. The following is taken from Calvin’s Institutes 3.20.38 and his exposition on the Lord’s Prayer:

“Our Father”: a form of address that sets us in the fellowship with the brethren.

However, we are not so instructed that each one of us should individually call him his Father, but rather that all of us in common should call him our Father. From this fact we are warned how great a feeling of brotherly love ought to be among us, since by the same right of mercy and free liberality we are equally children of such a father. For if one father is common to us all [Matt. 23:9], and every good thing that can fall to our lot comes from him, there ought not to be anything separate among us that we are not prepared gladly and wholeheartedly to share with one another, as far as occasion requires.