Over the next several Thursdays, I will be dealing with the issue of eldership and church leadership. At Enjoying God Fellowship, we do believe in the autonomy of the local church, as long as the church isn’t autonomous from God. Elder leadership is all over the New Testament while “church voting” is absent. This is one of the things I will be dealing with in the passages under examination in this discussion. I will also be giving you some resources that will help fine tune your understanding of biblically called elders. Who can be an elder? What are the qualifications of elders? How does a church go about selecting elders? What are the jobs of the elders? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered when addressing this subject.

Another issue that will be dealt with is the biblical distinction between elder and deacon. We will differ from most SBC churches here as many hold to the idea that the two are the same. We will be examining one major difference from 1 Timothy 3 that sets elders apart from deacons.

Next week we will look at a biblical case for elder rule in the local church. Stay tuned!