Mark Driscoll asks the question:

What can be done to help the pastors’ wife?

I wanted to quote him this week because it’s a great list and I love my wife. I agree with Pastor Driscoll that ministry is fourth on my priority list after being a Christian, being a husband, and being a father. So if you come to Enjoying God Fellowship, this is the attitude you can expect from me! By God’s grace I will model this for the men in our fellowship so that these are the kinds of families that will develop. Here is the list Driscoll gives to answer his question:

  • She needs a clearly defined and guarded role.
  • She needs some help with the kids and house.
  • She needs some help getting to and from church on Sundays.
  • She needs a designated parking place.
  • She needs a handful of safe relationships with other godly women.
  • She needs to choose her own friends and define her own relationships.
  • She needs to see her first jobs as Christian, wife, and mother, not free hire for the church.