Many postmoderns feel as if they are entering an alien culture when encountering evangelical Christianity. It is not the job of the unchurched postmodern to enter our culture. It is our job to invade theirs. We do that by recognizing this as mission work.

Mission work is the same in every place; the missionary must radically engage the culture. We must live among them, learn their language, build relationships, and work to discover what kind of redemptive analogies we can adopt from their culture to communicate the message of Christ to them.

Postmoderns are not responding to “sit and let them come to us” evangelism. Reaching postmoderns takes more than just a weekend outreach or a new program. Evangelism to postmoderns is a day-to-day effort. Postmoderns do not want to hear about Christianity; they want to see Christianity in action. A new evangelism paradigm must be used.

-Ed Stetzer, Planting New Churches in a Postmodern World, 140-141.

A couple of afterthoughts to Stetzer’s quote. For the most part it is excellent. I would just clarify that in a real way Christians are “aliens and strangers” in the world so don’t be surprised when we are taken that way, as long it is for the right reason. Also, we should show postmoderns “Christianity in action” but this does not negate the need for them to “hear” the gospel as well. This is because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17).