My friend Adam agrees. He states,

“I want to create a church where people do life together and intentionally live as the church. It’s not an event, it’s a state of being.”

 This is what we want to create as well.


What is Moralistic Therapeutic Deism? Listen to this week’s White Horse Inn where they discuss a video about Teenagers and God. We need to get this!

Click for info on Soul Searching Video

OK, I expect to hear from everyone in the core group on this one. I’m serious! Leave a comment!

 I was thinking about our mission and came up with this statement:

 Our mission at EGF is to glorify God by spreading a passion for Jesus Christ by penetrating Charlotte with the light of the gospel.

 What do you think? If you aren’t in the core group, let us know what you think, too. Thanks!

If anyone is looking for a good book to read on what we are all about. Here it is. I haven’t read the book yet, but have followed Voddie Baucham this last year and know where he stands on this issue. Jim Hamilton says of the book (which I will be reading ASAP), “If you care about the next generation being more Christian than American, you should read this book.” This would be a great Connecting Group Study or just for your own personal benefit. If you would like to start a Connecting Group with this book, let me know.

Pastor Troy Maxwell of Freedom House Church writes the following on his blog, it is good advice to us as we are following God’s lead to plant a Christ exalting, Bible-saturated body of believers in the center of Charlotte:

Alright, i will have to be very honest about my frustration with Christians sometimes. Well, let me rephrase that, “religious” people would be a better description. I have come to the conclusion that religion is so ugly, so “all about me to the nth degree”, and the list goes on and on. Religious people when they don’t get their way, they just walk to the next place and try to get their way. They go from church to church and try to manipulate the leadership to try and get what they want, the music they like to hear, the preaching they really don’t need but make their own fears and religiousity feel better but never change. And when the pastor stands up to them they run. Religious people complain about everything. At least to your face they are all sweet and nice. But turn around and walk away, they pull out the knife and start stabbing you in the back. They are critical and judgmental about almost everything. They complain about the music, they complain about the children (even if they have some), they complain about leadership, they complain about the vision and they complain about money. OH they complain about money, and the funny thing is they never give any! Matter of fact they never give anything. Because it’s all about them! Religious people, church is not for you. Church is not about you. Church is about everyone but you. Church is about giving and serving. Church is about loving and sharing. Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ who lay down their life for each other. They take up the cross of Jesus Christ and reach the world. If you are Religious you are so mad at me right now but what I am saying is so true! Can you get free from a religious spirit? Absolutely! Just ask God to help you and you can. There is hope.

The title of his blog is appropriate: Religious People Suck. If you read the gospels, it seems that Jesus thinks the same thing.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: A recent comment made me want to add: The church is for Truly-Religious people (those saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ). This was assumed, I just wanted to make it clear.


The Rev. J. Theodore Helms (my fellow OSJ blogger) writes:

The “sacred desk” has been replaced by “props;” and so has the authorized man of God. Where are the men in the local church who once preached the Word? Seeking to “relate” to the culture has served only to make the church irrelevant to the culture. And here we are. The body of Christ, the most powerful entity on earth, authorized by God Himself, bought by His own blood, and irrelevant.

Read the entire post.

In Acts 4:32-37 we read about how the early church eliminated poverty within their own community. From the context we learn that there were several thousand believers in this young fellowship. In verse 33 we read, “And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all.” Why were they so generous? It was because great grace was upon them all. They didn’t cling to their things and in fact viewed them as if their property didn’t even belong to them (4:32). As a result of this generous spirit in the early church their was not a single person among them who had a severe lack of resources to take care of their necessitites (4:34). In the middle of this we have already pointed out that they were giving testimony to the resurrection with great power. How did this “great power” manifest itself? Certainly in the preaching of the word, but also in the way in which the early church successfully erased poverty among those in their group. Keith Green once said that the welfare system wasn’t something that used to be needed because the church was the welfare system. What if our mission statements included a sentence about us seeking to eliminate poverty within our bodies? This would certainly cause unbelievers to take a second glance.

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