OK, I expect to hear from everyone in the core group on this one. I’m serious! Leave a comment!

 I was thinking about our mission and came up with this statement:

 Our mission at EGF is to glorify God by spreading a passion for Jesus Christ by penetrating Charlotte with the light of the gospel.

 What do you think? If you aren’t in the core group, let us know what you think, too. Thanks!


“On March 14, local police arrested 54-year-old house-church leader, Gu Changrong, in Fushun City, Liaoning Province, after she shared her faith with the secretary of the Communist Party in her village.”

Read the rest of the article at Voice of the Martyrs.

We talked about the three Christian men in Turkey who were tortured and killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The Turkish Church is now asking for prayer. Read about it here.