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When Christ is Head of the Local Church 

At this point in history it would be rather difficult to provide convincing evidence that Jesus Christ is head of His church. Evidence for a church submitted to His headship would not come from the songs they sing, where the body of Christ chooses to meet, the size and number of church facilities and congregation, or the charisma of the pastor(s). A local church whose members submit to Christ’s headship would be:

1. Founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ-I Cor.3:11
2. Committed to the preaching of God’s Word-Acts 6:4; II Tim.3:16-4:5
3. Governed by Spirit-filled men-Acts 6:1-7; I Tim.3:1-13; Tit.1:5-9; Gal.6:1
4. Committed to “the praise of the glory of His grace”-I Cor.1:30-31; Eph.1:6, 12, 14
5. Defenders of sound doctrine-I Tim.1:3-11; 4:1-11, 13, 16; 6:3; II Tim.1:13; Tit.1:10-14
6. United in the Spirit-Eph.4:1-3 ; I Cor.1:10ff
7. Equipped for ministry and active in it-Eph.4:11-12; I Cor.12-14
8. Suffering for Christ’s sake-Rom.8:18-39; I Pet.1:6-8; 4:12 (in persecution and inner turmoil)
9. Walking in a manner worthy of their calling-Eph.4:1; I Thess.2:12
10. Characterized by and committed to prayer-I Thess.5:17; Acts 6:4
11. Excercised in church discipline-I Cor.5; Mt.18
12. Seeking God’s wisdom in all decisions, major and trivial-Acts 6:1-7
13. Rejoicing in God their Savior-I Thess.5:16
14. And keeping Christ preeminent in all things-Col.1:18

These are just thoughts I have had recently as I have reflected on the condition of many local churches I am personally acquainted with. What will it take for the local church to return to Jesus Christ as its Head?

 -Rev. J. Theodore Helms

 -originally posted at Our Sovereign Joy

Here is a little video clip I put together to an audio Q & A.

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